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We have currently been working hard since 2011 to make our healing project a solid reality. It has been wrought with a large sacrifice for our families. We sold everyting while leaving my business as a jeweler in the beautiful state Florida in the USA. We have been living here in Iquitos, Peru now since June of 2013 being in service to the greater good of all.

Your donation is highly appreciated and will be used for the furtherance of the project as well as providing for those that are in need of healing that do not have the means to travel to Peru. I have many people ask me about their lives and complete loss of will for life yet cannot afford to come to Peru for the help that we offer.

Your donation will be used strictly for the purposes of the project as we live simple lives here in Peru as we have already had it “all” so to speak in material prosperity in the past, giving all of this up to help the healing of others’ lives.

I said as we left the United States that if one person’s life is healed and changed that it would be worth it to give up all material possessions. Well, it brings my heart joy as we have helped many more than one feel a restored zeal for their lives as many receive much more than they have ever perceived possible.

Much Love and Light,

William Menech

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Retreat Guru is the online booking agent for Kawsay Retreat.
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